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The windshield wipers beat out a slow and steady rhythm, trying in earnest to keep time to the 70s rock ballad that blared from the radio.

A flash of blue appeared ahead and he instinctively slowed.  He felt ___________ .

A.    excited

B.     anxious

C.     surprised

D.     nothing

Soon a red flash appeared as well- must be an accident he thought, turning down the radio.  A bone white ambulance was parked in the right lane, its lights spasming in the twilight.  A police officer held his hand up to stop his car as oncoming traffic paraded ever so gently past the sight.  I bet it’s _________

A.     gruesome

B.      horrific

C.      tragic

D.      nothing

he thought, watching as the last car rounded the bend.  The officer waved him through, and he eased off the brakes and slowly made his way past the ambulance.  It was hard to see- the light was fading fast and he mostly kept his eyes on the road- but it was apparent that two vehicles had collided head-on.  Firemen and paramedics gathered around what was left of one of them- a smaller green sedan?- intent on forcing it to birth out whoever it held inside.

On the opposite side of the road, a woman clutched something tight to her chest and let out a scream that the rain couldn’t dare drown- a banshee wail declaring death down the rural road.

He wished above all that he could somehow _____________ .

A.    help

B.     find out who had died

C.     take a picture

D.     care

He passed her now and came to the second car.  This one was abandoned, save for two blue sheets covering something on the ground.  They whipped in the wind- and the rain did him no favors- but he thought he saw a flash of pallid flesh.  His heart felt _____________ .

A.      pity

B.       numb

C.       sadness

D.       nothing

He finally pulled away, left with nothing but the memories of the moment.  They spilled over him and bounced throughout the car, fighting with the windshield wipers and clinging to his hair and fingers before melting into the upholstery.  He turned back on the radio.

As he drove through his neighborhood, he tried to shake the images he had seen from his head.  The radio screamed in futility, desperately trying to match the raw emotion the woman on the side of the road had displayed.  He turned it off.

As he pulled into his driveway, he noticed that his next door neighbor’s car was not in the garage.  That’s funny he thought, that son of a bitch is almost always at home.  How else can he have time to borrow my lawn mower and then complain when I don’t cut my grass? He went inside and turned on the TV, realizing after a time that his neighbor drove a small green sedan.  He went outside- the rain has definitely picked up– and walked to the edge of his porch, peering through the storm.

Just then, he saw his neighbor’s brake lights flash in the garage.  He felt _____________ .

A.     relieved

B.      saddened

C.      cold

D.      nothing