This blog is dedicated solely to the craft of writing- my overarching goal is to compose at least 500 words of fiction a day, in an effort to both practice and hone my abilities as a writer.

Writing is one of the few things I am passionate about.  As a child, I was endlessly enraptured by even the most mundane stringing together of words.  Something about the power of language rings within me in a way I couldn’t even possibly begin to explain to someone who hasn’t felt it themselves.

I have read passages written so beautifully that I would gladly hack off my left arm with a rusty knife if only I had that amount of talent.  Dostoyevsky, Hemingway, and Faulkner are a few of my personal favorites.  I would include Shakespeare in that list, but it would seem to be superfluent.  It’s like saying that the Sun is your favorite star- if that’s true, it generally goes without saying.

My writing career is nonexistent- I have the random bunch of short stories I’ve written and never done anything with; won a contest at college; wrote a novel but stopped trying to get it published, etc.  So my hope is that this blog will inspire me to get more serious with this thing I love- I am much too old for another fling.

After graduating from law school, I reconnected with a friend who suggested that writing 500 words of fiction a day was a good way to develop discipline as a writer.  It’s a good an idea as any I’ve heard of, so I thought I would try it.

My biggest obstacles when it comes to writing are largely dual in nature- I fear that my writing will not be good enough when compared to other writers.  Also, when I do write, I tend to criticize myself so severely that the creative process ends up thwarted and I’m left with nothing but a few hackneyed phrases.

To clear those hurdles, I’ve decided to pretty much not give a damn.  I’m just going to write.

Comments are always welcome.  The biggest compliment a writer can ever receive is neither praise nor criticism- it’s the fact that the piece was actually read.  If this blog forces me to write a story that happens to be read by a guy in Topeka, then it’s a success.

Every artist, I suppose, seeks an audience.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am glad you have started back writing. you have a great gift. I am looking forward to reading more.

  2. I’m enthralled and excited at this opportunity to read what gushes out of your beautiful mind. It’s as though I’m glancing back over the dog-eared pages of one of my favorite reads. Keep it up, dear sir, I’ll be reading.

  3. Tchwin TsWong said:

    งานดีเซอร์ – Good works writer

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